Decentralized Minds Fellowship

Decentralized Minds is a 12 week fellowship program to introduce students or recent graduates to exciting blockchain projects.

The selected fellows would be engineering open-source decentralized protocols.

Topics for fellowship

Selected candidates would be working on exciting projects:


Task Date
Applications open April 20, 2021
Applications deadline April 30, 2021 AoE
Selection process, interviews  
Candidates announced May 10, 2021
Setting up, getting ready  
Kickoff Week 1 May 17, 2021
Design, code and document  
Review 1 - Week 4 June 6, 2021
Design, code and document  
Review 2 - Week 8 July 4, 2021
Code, code and document  
Wrap up and final review August 6, 2021
Successful fellows announced August 10, 2021



A total of 5000$ stipend for the duration of the program. The stipend will be paid in fiat and crypto (native tokens, USD equivalent of $3,500) as follows:

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Our Sponsors

Gold: Zaki Manian

Silver: Michael Zargham

About us

In collaboration with MSRG, University of Toronto

Reach out to Shashank for any queries, sponsorships: shashank dot motepalli at mail dot utoronto dot ca

This program is inspired by Google Summer of Code, Open Mainframe Mentorship Project, Rails Summer of Code